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    Performance Considerations for EF 4. - m

    SpeedStor 6.03 and 6.5 Tape Mate II SCSI tape backup software by Trantor. File T contains a list of supported tape drives. Version 1.1 - Installation diskette (dated 1992) Version 1.2 - Installation diskette (1.44MB) (dated 1994) ( label from installation diskette) Telix Supports the following file transfer protocols: ASCII, CIS Quick B, Kermit, Modem7, SEAlink, Telink, Xmodem, 1k-Xmodem, G-1k-Xmodem, Ymodem Batch, Ymodem-G, Zmodem Version 1.00 also supports the Jmodem and Lynx protocols. Telix 1.00 First version - probably buggy. Also supports the Jmodem and Lynx protocols which were dropped.

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